Jia Voon

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Acoustic Guitar Lesson

1st of all, 2moro is holiday for me ^^ yeah!

Just register a guitar course with 4 of my friend at TBR, which is chin lun, jee loong, scott and hong chun. we will start our lesson next week tuesday. actually i would like to find a bass guitar course. but they do not offer this course, so i had choose to learn guitar.

Normally the guitar lesson will cost RM100 a month and half hour every week, while the lesson we register is just RM35 per month and one hours lesson and only offer to TARC and UTAR student.

According to my mum, she not giving me the change to learn bass guitar because of expensive fee $$$$.. anyway, since i able to find a guitar lesson with just RM35.. so she allow and pay for me.. ^^

So before the lesson start i should buy a guitar. with RM250, i buy a guitar which is brand morrison acoustic guitar. and also a guitar bag which cost RM45.

When i step in my house with the new guitar, my father start to blar blar blar.... he is like women.. OMG... i dint ask a single $$ from him for the guitar, and yet he want to complain why i waste money to buy a guitar... ZzzZZZ
anyway i just keep quite, pretent nothing.. and plz pray for me.. not to learn this from him.. >.< just let me learn those good habbit from him.. ya he love this family. and spend many time with us. this is the thing i should learn from him when i am a father.