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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday life ~~

most of the time on sunday... i will spend the whole day outside.. 9am-4pm at church 5pm-8pm basketball..

l like the sermon by pastor Kok today.. is about mother. as conclusion, i mother that love their kids is very common and easy to find.. but a mother that have full trust that god will lead her son.. is hard to find. moses mother is a good example.

Actually i quite sleepy at youth cell group.. >.< maybe is due to tired of the whole day need to listen to quite much of sermon. Anyway i still try my best to support bro Allen Ting... he share about our target. yea! what he say is rite. actually what target we set will change our life!

After youth and follow by "qing nian" emm.... more tired i am ..Zzz ya we share about how god do miracle in our life!! what i share is in the previous blog i post..

At 5pm.. having a basketball match with jy yi,my brother, joseph, samuel Lian, shen jun, fei yang. nice exercise.. and jy yi ask me to search for the price for basketball half field. is 8.30pm when i reach home.. i want watch the match between england and german.. but..zzz TV dun have live!!!

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