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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UTAR Green summer Festival

Just back from school and attending a festival organize by UTAR.. there are lots of foods and game. and i just join a few game, is quite fun but not a lucky game for me i guess.. anyway i able to bring away some potato chips and notebook..thanks to them.

Some of the band performance are not bad, especially the vocal from one of the band... his voice is rock! but they dun have band name i guess.. but the sound system is very bad! pity to all the performer. the sound system will mute once a while. for each song it will mute 5 times++...

somemore they selling gatsby moving rubber for only RM18.. and cheaper than market price which is RM23... and the price drop to RM 16 when the event is gonna end.
anyway nobody is interest to buying at here gua..

Thanks god! this few days the traffic is smooth :) but quite tired, 6am wake up everyday.. lucky 2moro is thursday, the only day i can sleep more..

hope i can update my blog always :)

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