Jia Voon

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Recently, there was a poster hang outside my school UTAR... poster by penduduk TBR
poster : Kepada semua pelajar dan pengunjung gerai makan , dilarang meletak kenderaan anda sesuka hati di kawasan perumahan sehingga mengganggu ketenteraman penduduk.

I think all UTAR or KTAR student never parking infront their house until we block their door.. wat we do is parking beside. not wrong rite? some how UTAR does not provide enough parking space for UTAR student. what to do? some of my friend there parking at TBR there , tayar kena puncit... i try before as well.

It's all about the selfishness of people. the only one can do something is the uni and college, try another system or look out another solution. in order to complain here and there, should actually ask few hundred students to flood the office and give the pressure to the related department.


  1. the parking issue really "HOT" in utar..
    kampar also~

    jen jen is lucky if not have to walk very far....

    jen went setapak campus the other day, so many cars along the roadside. same as kampar actually..

  2. yalo.. lucky i get UTAR parking stiker this sem. if not, 11am class i still need to come at 7 something am to get parking T.T

    ic u come to setapak.. haha~~ i think kampar better rite? setapak is very small >.<